Correction of our kids or our students is a very real part of life, but doing so in a constructive, encouraging way can be very challenging. In our video blog today, one of our teachers gives a few tips from the Reading Tricks curriculum on how to correct without criticizing:

1. When correcting is absolutely necessary, do so gently. Don’t be harsh, critical, negative, or condescending. Respond with kindness, patience, and understanding. Use a gentle tone, watch your body language and facial expressions, and patiently walk your student through the correction.
2. Pair correction with a complement. Find something to praise your student for—whether it’s working hard, improvement in a certain area, creativity, or even something as small as color choice—making sure you’re being genuine in your compliment (kids can tell when you’re offering fake praise!). Cushioning the correction with a compliment can help our kids be more open to the correction, while also protecting them from being too hard on themselves or feeling like a failure.

We’d love to hear strategies you’ve learned for correcting in a way that fosters growth rather than defeat. Join us at to join the conversation!