Life stays crazy enough even without the back to school chaos that arrives without fail every fall. In today’s video, one of our Reading Tricks teachers shares some important reminders she has learned to keep in mind as we jump back into the routine of school—whether you’re a teacher, parent, homeschooler, relative, or even just a friend of some kids heading back to school.

  1. Remember that there will be good days AND bad days, and both are okay. Enjoy the good days, hang in during the tough ones, and keep learning through both!
  2. Everyone moves at a different pace, and sometimes going slow with our kids is crucial for their success! Don’t be afraid to slow down, even if it means adjusting your schedule for the year.
  3. Aim for mastery, but give grace for mistakes! None of us are perfect, and we all need that person in our lives who shows grace for our imperfections and weaknesses. Be that person for your kids!
  4. Keep an eye out for any of your kids who may be losing hope… it can happen much more quickly than we would expect. If anyone seems to be falling behind, becoming discouraged, or not learning quite the same as other kids the same age, feel free to join us at for support as you figure that out!
  5. End on a positive note—whatever the day, class, or evening of homework looked like. Tell a joke, offer genuine compliments, end with an activity that plays on known strengths, or share a special treat—making sure your kids know that you care more about them than about their school success!

Join us at if you’re looking for a learning community passionate about helping people learn to read. We’d love to hear how your school year is starting out!