Many of you may have heard the big rocks word picture–a way of illustrating the ” put first things first ” mindset–and in our video blog today, we shared our own nerdy teacher version of that. In a world where busyness reigns, time management tips are something that most of us want. Although this “big rocks” picture may seem simple, it is can also be a very life-changing concept if we let it. Life is full of constant choices, as we are inundated with countless options of how to spend our time each day. If we respond to the myriad of little things first, we will almost assuredly reach the end of the day without time to fit in the biggest, most important things. However, if we start each day knowing what is most important and making those few things the priority, then we will have time to fit many of the little things in around them. Knowing and keeping our main priorities equips us to make all of the little decisions that come at us each day! Join us on facebook to leave a comment about your big rocks!