Do you know that if you can read well, you can probably teach others how to read? So who might those “others” include? It might be:

— Your own child, family member, or friend of the family.

— A young child who desperately wants to learn to read.

— A child (or adult) who has failed over and over at learning to read.

— A public, private or homeschooled student who is struggling in school and needs an extra leg up because of a reading deficit.

My life is fuller because I have taught learners in all of these situations; I learned how to teach them with a simple step-by-step program. Finally, we have produced online training to fulfill one of my dreams of equipping multitudes of parents, grandparents, friends, and educators in the art and heart of using the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading. I hope that all of you will join me! We really can help prevent children and adults from falling through the cracks of failure and desperation.

Our kids are waiting; let’s start a wave of learning!