Too many times have I been in that place where I feel like I can’t add even one more thing into my already-crammed busy life. Having been there, I understand the reflex response of rejecting anything that looks like it might be a time taker. However, I want to take just a minute to share with you why I think Reading Tricks might be more manageable than you think.

In short, Reading Tricks is not a typical training program. You aren’t required to put in in a minimum number of hours memorizing materials and learning an entire method or curriculum before you can even begin putting it into practice. Instead it is a bite-sized video training program, where you watch one video at a time (normally 5-10 minutes long), accompanied by simple step-by-step lesson plans. After watching one of these videos, you are already trained to teach your student one lesson. And even more fun that that is the fact that you can do it all from home in your pjs! 🙂