In our video blog this week, we talk about how fear can be such a controlling factor in life. It’s something that, for a long time, stopped one of our Reading Tricks teachers from helping struggling readers. She shares her story of never even considering the possibility of teaching because of fear that she didn’t know how or couldn’t do it well. Her story is not an uncommon one. Fear causes people to overlook or avoid possibilities and can stop them from sharing gifts they may have with others who may need them. We want to help break through some of the fear aspects of teaching people to read. Reading Tricks offers a curriculum with step-by-step instructions, accompanied by videos, on how to teach people to read. If you can follow instructions, then you can teach someone to read. Our challenge for you today is, at the very least, to take a few minutes to think about the possibilities. What if you *could* offer the gift of reading to someone who might never have a chance to do so without help? Join us on facebook, instagram, or twitter to share your thoughts!