The English language is definitely enough to keep you on your toes with all of its twists and turns, rules and exceptions. The question in our video blog today is this… which of the following statements do you most relate to?

1. I love playing with the English language. It’s fascinating, and I enjoy learning about all of its intricacies!

2. The English language is full of a bunch of dirty rotten tricks. About the time I think I understand something, the rules seem to change. I find it maddening and confusing!

We are excited about our next few blogs, as we think they will be interesting to both of the above people! We’re going to spend some time playing with the English language, learning some rules and tricks. For those of you who are fascinated by it, get ready to learn some interesting things you may or may not have heard before! And for those of you who find the English language frustrating and unpredictable, we are hoping we can put some handles on a few things that may never made sense to you before! Join us next week to get started! We look forward to interacting with you about this crazy language we speak, read, and write!