We heard from you with answers to our questions from last week:

“What’s your kryptonite? The one thing you’ve always wished you could learn but it’s always been a struggle or challenge for you? What would it mean to you if someone who cared about you took the time to figure out how your brain works in order to teach you that skill in a way you could master it?”

The answers varied from painting, drawing, and cooking, to word pronunciation and directional ability. But what is the point of the question in the first place? Whatever that challenging thing is for you, there’s a reason it’s challenging and a reason it would be meaningful to you if you could overcome the challenge.

Now put yourself in the shoes of someone with dyslexia… someone whose challenge is reading and writing–a challenge that significantly affects almost every area of life. What would it mean to you if someone took the time to help you master THAT challenge–figuring out how your brain works in order to help you learn those skills? What would it mean to you if you couldn’t read, and someone offered you the life-changing gift of overcoming that challenge? And to take it just one step further… what if you decided to become that person for someone who can’t read?

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, and we are grateful you’ve taken the time to think through some of these things with us. Watch our video blog, join us at Facebook and Instagram, leave your comments and questions, and maybe even give the possibilities some additional thought as we spend time this month spreading awareness of such a common struggle with not nearly enough support!