Building trust with our students and kids is something that takes time and great intentionality. In our video blog this week, our Reading Tricks founder shares a hard but life-changing tip she’s learned on how to build this trust. She talks about how her students are extremely sensitive to feeling like they are being laughed at, whether or not they actually are. This could be caused by the actual experience of being laughed at by others; or it could just be because of the insecurities that come from their learning differences. Either way, it is extremely important that we as parents or teachers don’t laugh at our kids. Whether they are using the wrong words, mispronouncing something, making mistakes, or anything else that could hit us as funny, we need to be aware that laughing at them could add to their insecurities and low self-esteem. Even when our intentions are completely kind, something that seems so harmless could turn out to be very damaging. In light of this, let’s make sure we check ourselves and our reactions around our kids, giving them the kind and encouraging support that they need. As we offer them a safe place, they will begin to have confidence that they won’t be made fun of, which will in turn build a very meaningful and life-changing level of trust. Join our e-mail list here to be part of our team learning together how we can support our kids!